ECpay is basically the payment method on the MatrixChange.

Regardless of whether you want to buy crypto currencies or "real value" tokens, ECpay is the reference currency with which you pay for your purchase.

One ECpay always corresponds to exactly one EURO (exchange rate ECpay / Euro = 1: 1).

Technically, it is an ERC-20 token, a digital asset that is based on the blockchain and to which a fixed value is assigned.


How do I get ECpay?

1) You are purchasing ECpay from another user.

Use our simple P2P platform for this. Here you specify how many ECpay you would like to purchase and MatrixChange will find one or more suitable sellers for you.

Then it's turn to turn. You transfer the equivalent value in euros to the seller and receive the corresponding ECpay after payment.

MatrixChange, in its function as an intermediary, protects both sides from fraud.

2) You sell a crypto currency or a token through the respective marketplace

After placing the sell order, we will look for a suitable buyer for you. If this is found (often in a matter of seconds) you will receive the equivalent value in ECpay and can use this to buy new crypto currencies and / or tokens or sell them to other users for euros.

3) You will receive ECpay transfer

Like all digital payment units, ECpay have their own wallet address. In this way you can have ECpay transferred from other users and agree to the conditions for it outside of the platform (e.g. donation, payment of claims, etc.). There are two ways of doing this: the direct transfer by sending from wallet to wallet and the euro code function (glossary).

Due to its fixed rate, transferability within seconds and the low transaction costs, ECpay is ideally suited to be able to react promptly to price movements on the marketplaces and to protect yourself against price losses.

The planning / preparations for further possible uses for ECpay are in full swing. Negotiations with other trading platforms and shop operators are already well advanced.